World Map Trends!

The search for coffee is more popular in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, UK, Thailand, Australia, Poland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Japan.

The search for Monster is more popular in South America (Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Perú, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador), Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Italy, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland.

It seems very evenly split along the popularity of the search around the world.

The U.S., Canada, and Australia are extremely developed. Knowing this, many people work late into the night and get up fairly early resulting in a lack of sleep. This inability to stay awake means we have to rely on caffeine. Our first instinct in the morning is to not have sugar. Many adults prefer coffee as it is not high in sugar.

Perhaps people choose coffee because it has no calories, no surprising ingriedients, and it is more cost effective. Click on the links below to read more!

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